Canyoning Montenegro

Canyoning Montenegro

Spectacular Canyoning in Montenegro

Only nature can create such amazing and unreal sceneries, and nature has been very generous to Montenegro. This beautiful territory has some of the most spectacular landscapes for canyoning and several highly interesting canyons to choose from.

The fact that Montenegro has some of the deepest canyons in Europe is not accidental. The whole area of high mountains is cut by several canyons that take your breath away. Simply, great for canyoning, rappelling, waterfall jumping, hiking, or just simple day trips.

Tara Canyoning – River Tara

Tara River Canyon

It’s hard to say something new about Tara Canyon, “The tear of Europe” as many call it. At some places the Tara canyon measures 1,300 meters deep. The Tara canyon has about eighty known caves, some still unexplored and some with traces of life in prehistoric times.

Tara Canyon is one of the local reserves for many endemic and relict species of plants and animals. All of this is sufficient reason to UNESCO, to put this river in its program “The man and biosphere” and named it “The emerald”. A few years later, together with the National Park Durmitor, it was placed on the UNESCO list of World heritage of natural resources. It should be noted that the Tara fulfils three important conditions: geological, hydrological and biological phenomena. The fact, that you can drink water directly from the river is enough to create a greater picture of this miracle of nature.

The canyon is best visited from April to October and the most popular activity is rafting. You may ask which is the best period for rafting, and the answer is always! Get maximum adrenaline in April, May and half of June. But, with decreasing water levels in July, August and September, some rapids disappear. Of course, new ones and not less attractive appear, which are not noticed until the water is high again. So, the Tara canyon always offers something new. Professional and regular rafters on Tara say they never float the same river twice. The water temperature varies between 5-6 degrees during winter and 11-12 in summer months.

Skurda Canyoning – Near Kotor

Canyoning Montenegro - Skurda Canyon
Skurda Canyon – Near Kotor

Skurda Canyon is situated directly above the old town of Kotor. It is reachable from the road Kotor – Njeguši , turning on the hiking trail to Kotor. It is open during the whole year, except after heavy rains and at such time very dangerous because of floods which appear in such weather. The entrance itself has a dam built in the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It continues with a large fall of some 30 meters, largely pedestrian descent followed by an exposed ground. There is a total of 26 waterfalls in length from 3 to 42 meters, and that gives the real magic and beauty of this small canyon.

Necessary equipment for visitors are: helmet, rope 2 x 50m, neoprene suit (depending on the season) and waterproof shoes. Good physical health is required and not recommended to people with acrophobia. Average time to pass through the canyon is around 8 hours. To pass the Skurda canyon we recommend to account professional assistance and equipment!

Nevidio Canyoning – Komarnica River

Canyoning Montenegro - Nevidio Canyon
Nevidio Canyon – Komarnica River

Nevidio Canyon see only the bravest ones! “Wild beauty” is the slogan of Montenegrin Tourist Organisation. The river Komarnica and canyon Nevidio are true representatives of such slogan. The first contact with Nevidio dazzles with indescribable beauty, unusual and strange that man is not used to. Most of the canyon is in the eternal shadows and that is the origin of the name Nevidio (Cannot be seen). Because of the sheer cliffs, sunlight cannot reach the bottom. The steep and inaccessible rocks prevail harsh conditions for vegetation so, raw nature makes it both heaven and hell at the same time.

The width of the canyon in some places is less than one meter. Some parts of the canyon can be passed only with climbing equipment, neoprene suits, high-quality neoprene boots and gloves, ropes, belts and helmets. River Komarnica springs under the mount Durmitor and to the mouth of Piva lake. It runs through the canyon that is 600 meters deep and 40 kilometres long.

Visiting Nevidio canyon is recommended in summer, and the main attraction is canyoning. However, the charm of wilderness is available only to the bravest ones! Impeccable physical strength and shape are mandatory for such incredible adrenaline journey.

Platije Canyoning – River Moraca

Canyoning Montenegro - Platije Canyon
Platije Canyon – River Moraca

There are deeper and longer canyons in Montenegro, but few like Platije Canyon astonish everyone passing through it by road or by water. In some places Morača river grinds the rocks as it were diamonds, which are so smooth that only lichen and moss can attach to the surface. The sun, which at different times of the day, under different angles, illuminates the stone sides, creating a unique play of colours and shades, internalised in the canvases of many painters, not only Montenegrin.

Morača river canyon is 35 km long and up to 1000 m deep in some parts. The canyon and waters are habitats for many endemic species of plants and animals such as Morača trout, one of the biggest trout species in Europe (Salmo marmoratus) and one with unusually large teeth, which owes its Latin name Salmo dentex.

Visiting the canyon is attractive in any part of the year. On the way there, you will see the beautiful monastery Morača from the XIII century.

Grlja Canyoning – River Grlja

Canyoning Montenegro - Grlja Canyon
Grlja Canyon – River Grlja

Grlja Canyon is placed at the mountain Prokletije, which is also one of the youngest National parks in Montenegro. The location is on the border between Montenegro and Albania. The very name symbolises Prokletije mountains (The cursed Mountain) and its natural features: impenetrability, wilderness and personal insecurity. The Grlja River rises in the valley of the unreal Ropojana pond “Savino eye” or “Skakavica” as it is called by local Albanian population.

The river is characterised by crystal clear icy water, a constant temperature of 6 degrees. Already after a few kilometres from a canyon that we cannot classify by deepness, it is also not very long but for all visitors is always accessed with great awe. The reason for this lies in the narrow gaps and smoothness of the canyon where mainly large amounts of creepy cold water circulate. The canyon is very popular and well known among visitors because it is the beginning of many hiking, climbing and caving trails with easily visible waterfalls and ponds.

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Spectacular Canyoning
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