Enjoy Beautiful Beaches Across The Montenegro Coastline

Montenegro Coast is one of the most beautiful in the World. Some of Coast destinations are selected in Top 10 World Tourist Destinations (for example: Sveti Stefan).

Tourists from all over the world enjoy in beautiful beaches across the Montenegro Coast.

Richard beach Montenegro
Richard Beach

Name of the beach: Ričardova glava beach Nearest town: Budva Beach length: 150 m Beach type: pebble Area: 5300 m² Description: Ričardova glava (Richard’s Head) or simply…

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Beaches Mogren Montenegro
Mogren Beach, Budva

Name of the beach: Mogren plaža Nearest town: Budva Beach length: 350 m Beach type: sand Area: 4900 m2 Description: Mogren beach is made of 2 smaller beaches with the total…

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Dukley beach lounge Budva Montenegro
Dukley Beach, Budva

Beach complex Dukley has 3 beaches: Dukley, Laguna, VIP. Crystal clear water of the Adriatic sea, beach bars and fantastic beach parties. Restaurant…

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Beaches Przno Montenegro
Beach Przno

Name of the beach: Przno beach Nearest town: Przno Beach length: 350 m Beach type: sandy Area: 4300 m² Description: Przno beach is located in front of the vivid, typical…

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Beaches  Kamenovo Montenegro
Beach Kamenovo

Name of the beach: Kamenovo beach Nearest town: Rafailovici Beach length: 330 m Beach type: sandy Area: no information Description: Kamenovo beach is the first one in the…

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Beaches Drobni Pijesak Montenegro
Beach Drobni Pijesak

Name of the beach: Drobni pijesak plaža Nearest town: Drobnica Beach length: 250 m Beach type: pebbles Area: 5800 m2 Description: Going south, towards Petrovac we meet…

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Beaches st. nicholas Montenegro
Beach St. Nicholas

Name of the beach: Island St.Nicola Nearest town: Budva Beach length: 840 m2 Beach type: pebbles and sand Area: 3000 m2 Description: The inevitable part of the Riviera…

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Beaches Trsteno Montenegro
Trsteno Beach

Name of the beach: Trsteno beach Nearest town: Krimovica Beach length: 200 m Beach type: sandy beach Description: Trsteno Valley is one of the most beautiful beaches in the…

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Montnegro Guide Beaches Jaz Panorama View
Jazz Beach, Budva

Name of the beach: Jazz beach Nearest town: Budva Beach length: 850 m Beach type: sandy, pebble Area: 27300 m² Description: At a distance of 3 km from Budva in a beautiful bay…

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Beaches Ploce Montenegro
Ploce Beach

Name of the beach: Ploče plaža, Platamun Nearest town: Krimovica Beach length: 350 m Beach type: rocky beach Description: unusual beach is located on a rocky shore. There are…

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Beaches Milocer Montenegro
Beach Milocer, St. Stephan

Name of the beach: Miločer plaža / Kraljeva plaža Nearest town: Miličer Beach length: 380 m Beach type: sand Description: Milocer beach is also known under the name…

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Beaches Lucice Petrovac
Beach Lucice, Petrovac

Name of the beach: Lucice beach Nearest town: Petrovac Beach length: 220 m Beach type: sand Area: 5900 m2 Description: Very beautiful beach which although is much frequented…

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Beaches long beach ulcinj montenegro
Long Beach, Ulcinj

Name of the beach: Long Beach Nearest town: Stoj Beach length: 13000 Beach type: sandy Area: 60000m2 Description: Long Beach is a natural phenomenon of beauty and abundance...

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beaches ada bojana montenegro
Ada Bojana, Ulcinj

Name of the beach: Ada Bojana Nearest town: Ulcinj Beach length: 2750 m Beach type: sandy Area: 12900 m² Description: Away from noisy streets and the flurry of the city…

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beaches kalardovo montenegro
Beach Kalardovo, Tivat

Name of the beach: Kalardovo Nearest town: Tivat Beach length: 150 m Beach type: sand Area: 4200 m2 Description: Beach is located in Kalardovo cove in Tivat bay. Beach…

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Beaches rose beach montenegro
Beach Rose

Name of the beach: Rose beach Nearest town: Rose Beach type: pier, pebble beach Description: beach Rose is located in the small fishermen’s village of Rose, on peninsula Lustica…

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Beaches Alamara Montenegro
Alamara Beach

Name of the beach: Almara Beach Club Nearest town: Radovici Beach length: 150 m Beach type: pebble Description: Luxury Beach Club, located in the Oblatno bay, offers to its…

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Beaches zanjice montenegro
Beach Zanjice

Name of the beach: Beach Žanjice Nearest town: Žanjice Beach length: 300m Beach type: pebble beach Area: 5550 m² Description: The beach is located in a cove on the Lustica…

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Beaches Mirista Montenegro
Beach Mirista

Name of the beach: Mirišta plaža Nearest town: Mirista Beach length: no information Beach type: sand Area: 2000 m² Description: Miriste valley is between Zanjic valley…

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Beaches Plavi Horizonti Montenegro
Plavi Horizonti, Radovici

Name of the beach: Plavi horizonti plaža Nearest town: Tivat Beach length: 320 m Beach type: sand Area: 8500 m2 Description: This beach is an isle situated at the end of…

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Montnegro Guide Galia Beach Small
Galia Beach

Beach Galia is a part of camping center "Crvena Glavica", near the resort of St. Stefan on beautiful sandy shores of the crystalline sea. The beach has sun lounges, cafes, changing rooms, showers, toilets, rescue service, parking. Let yourself enjoy…

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Montnegro Guide Dobrec Beach Small
Dobrec Beach

This beautiful beach is accessible only from the sea. It is small romantic pebble beach, hidden between two wooded headlands, leaving visitors with a dramatic impression: asking themselves do places like this really exist anymore. Beach is famous for crystal…

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