Some Of The Most Breathtaking Canyons In Europe

The fact that the deepest canyon in Europe is in Montenegro is not accidental at all.

This whole area of high mountains is intersected by canyons whose grandeur is breathtaking. Roads pass through some of these and their verticals are well known (Morača, Cijevna and Piva). You can discover others like the Tara River Canyon and canyon of the river Lim if you give yourself up to the wild waters, roaring rapids and waterfalls and emerald whirlpools while rafting or kayaking. A little more courage is needed for canyoning.

Synonym for canyoning in Montenegro is the canyon Nevidio, but even more difficult (the coldest and darkest) challenge is the canyon Grlje (Prokletije). Very attractive is also the canyon Škurda (Kotor) However, these are only parts of the manuscript of water in the rocks and many have not been seen yet.

Canyon Tara Montenegro
Canyon Tara, Montenegro

Part of the river Tara, known as “Tear of Europe” runs through in the National Park “Durmitor”.It springs in the north of the country and is 150 km long. It merges with the river Piva…

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Canyon Nevidio Montenegro
Canyon Nevidio, Montenegro

Canyon Nevidio is situated at the pedestal of the southern part of Durmitor, precisely in Dobri Do. Delving deep passes between Boljske grede (2091 m.e.) and Lojanik (2091 m.e.)…

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Canyon Grlja Montenegro
Canyon Grlja, Montenegro

Mountains Prokletije, or the ‘Southern Alps’, often called, are one of the most interesting Balkan mountain ranges that characterize many features. This mountain is of particular…

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Canyon Skurda Montenegro
Canyon Skurda, Montenegro

The entrance to the canyon can be reached hiking from Kotor, or drive to the saddle Krstac, nearby Njeguši village, the place from where starts Škurda basin, with almost 1000 meters above...

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Canyon Platije Montenegro
Canyon Platije, Montenegro

Moraca is one of most beautiful river canyon in Montenegro which separate Moracke planine range from Sinjajevina range. It originates in northern Montenegro, under Rzača…

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canyon rikavac montenegro rope climbing
Canyon Rikavac, Montenegro

Located near the Old Town of Bar, Canyon Rikavac stretches into the mountains, which are towering the southern coast of Montenegro. It offers a “taster” experience for those wishing to experience...

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