Monastery Beska - Bar (Skadar Lake)

Monastery Beska Montenegro

Monastery Beska - monastery on Skadar Lake

The monastery Beska is a monastery that is located on Skadar Lake on the same named island. As the majority of the monasteries on Skadar Lake it is connected with the dynasty Balsici that was famous by the construction of monasteries.
Monastery has two churches – church of Sveti Djordje and the church of Holy Mother of God. It is thought that this monastery was built in XIV century. Smaller church, which is dedicated to Holy Mother of God raised Jelena Blasic, daughter of Prince Lazar and the wife of Djuradj II Stratimirovic Balsic in 1400, which has been carved in the stone above the doors of the church. Grave of Jelena Baslic is in this church.

Nikola I Petroic renewed the church of Holy Mother of God , which was damaged at the beginning of XX century, for the health of his wife, Queen Milena. The renewal of the monastery is in process.
Montenegro Guide Church Monastery Aerial View of Monastery Beska
Aerial View of Monastery Beska