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Monastery Dajbabe Montenegro

Dajbabe Monastery - interesting sacral edifice

Not far from Podgorica, on the way towards Bar there is a monastery Dajbabe which in its foundation has a shape of a cross and represents an interesting sacral edifice to visit. It is located below Dajbaba hill, which dominantly raises above Zeta valley.

The monastery Dajbabe is a monastery dedicated to Uspenje Bogorodice (Falling into sleep of Holy Mother of God) and it got the name by the village in which it is located. It was founded in 1897. Initially only the space of the cave was used for the church in order for it to be expanded later and took the look of the basic church with chapels.
The only visible part of that church is outside the cave and that is a spacious entrance porch with two belfries. The protector monk Simeon Popovic adjusted the pictures to natural shape of the rocks while he was painting the interior of the monastery.

For a visitor from any part of the world this monastery will represent an unforgettable experience, considering the fact that it is a piece of work of nature and man (the church is located in the cave) Relics of St. Simeon of Dajbabe are in the church.
Montenegro Guide Church Monastery Dajbabe Monastery Entrance
Dajbabe Monastery, Entrance
St. Simeon of Dajbab was born 1854 in Cetinje (Montenegro) in the lower-region brotherhood of Popovic (popovic family) as Sava.

He finished his elementary schooling in Cetinje. He then went to the seminary of Kiev, and along with that he participated in the spiritual life of the venerable fathers of the Kiev Lavra. In 1888 he returned to the monastery of St. Nicholas in Vranjina, and a year later he went to the Ostrog monastery.

The remainder of his life the hieromonk Simeon served in the newly-revealed monastery Dajbabe. St. Simeon of Dajbabe passed in the Lord the 1st of April (according to the Gregorian Calendar), in the year 1941. His venerable relics were discovered at the 55th anniversary of his passing, in 1996, in the monastery of Dajbabe. (It seems like he was tonsured at the Kievan Caves). The commemoration of our Father Simeon Sebian Church celebrated on March 19 on the old calendar (April 1 of the new calendar).