Monastery Podmaine - Budva

Monastery Podmaine Montenegro

Monastery Podmaine - monastery with historical importance

This monastery got its name by the nearby hill, but it is also often called Podmaine. It is located in the vicinity of Budva and it has an historical importance as a meeting point of the tribe Maini. During the rebellion of Boka navy it was severely damaged so from the entire complex only the church of Sveta Petka was renewed.
The complex was made of the Smaller church dedicated to Assumption of the Holy Mother of God and was built in the 15thcentury. Although much of the monastery was destroyed by the earthquake in 1979, it still boasts beautiful 14th century frescoes and a handsomely restored “konak” (living quarters).

The inscription, which can be found above the port of the doors of the small church mentions the year 1630 as a year of the renewal of the complex and the year of painting of the church. This small church was unusually built, dug into the ground and with its entire surface it was covered with frescoes.
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Podmaine Monastery, Yard
Then there was a big church, which remained unfinished. Bishop Sava Petovic built it in 1747. This monastery for a while served also as a residence of Cetinje metropolitan. In this monastery bishop Danilo I - died and was buried here 1856 when he was transferred to Cetinje with the efforts of Prince Danilo. What is significant to point out for all visitors of this monastery is that some parts of “Gorski Vijenac” (Mountain Wreath), the biggest literary piece in our language have been written in it.