Monastery Savina - Herceg Novi

Monastery Savina Montenegro

Monastery Savina - medieval monastery in Herceg Novi

This medieval monastery is situated in Herceg Novi and has three churches of which two of them are dedicated to Dormition of Mother of God. It has sleeping quarters with treasury, and a separated church of St. Sava.

Small and Big church with sleeping quarters make one entity while the third church, parish one, is located on the mount above the quarters and it is dedicated to Sveti Sava.
Small church of Dormition of Mother of God is characteristic because of the frescoes on which you can see Great holidays and Life of Jesus, and those were made by famous Kotor painter Lovro Dobricevic, one of the greatest masters on the coast in the middle of XV century.

These frescoes are example of mixture of Byzantine icon painting and Gothic way of expression. According to some records this church dates from 1030.

Big church dates from XVIII century and it is a piece of work of Dalmatia master builder Nikola Foretic and it represents one of the most beautiful facilities of this school from the age of Dalmatian baroque.
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Monastery Savina, Frescos
Belfry is specially pointed out in this church, which has been decorated with wreaths, rosettes, and niches providing in that way the façade with baroque silhouette. The treasury of the monastery has some Russian, Italian and Krit icons, and parchments and shod Gospels.