Monastery Zdrebaonik - Danilovgrad

Monastery Zdrebaonik Montenegro

Monastery Zdrebaonik - from hermit cell to monastery

The monastery Zdrebaonik is located 2 km from Danilovgrad. This monastery, church of Rodjenje Presvete Bogorodice (Birth of the Holy Mother of God) was raised by Sveti Stefan Piperski (St. Stephen from Piperi) in 1637. The monastery grew from hermit cell of this saint.
From the middle century the fragments of the paintings from the church of Sveti Vracevi (St. Cojuror) from Slatina have been preserved as well as the records about the raising of the church of Sveti Arhangel Mihailo (St. Archangel Michael) in Zdrebaonik, for which Jegor Kovaljevski Russian scientist said: It was built for the first time by King Sveti Stefan (St. Stephen), which can be confirmed by the evidences which are found in the Moraca Monastery”.
Montenegro Guide Church Monastery Yard of Monastery Zdrebaonik
Yard of Monastery Zdrebaonik

In Zdrebaonik since 1856 the relics of Sveti Arsenije Sremac (St. Arsenije from Srem) are kept, who was the Serbian archbishop. Zdrebaonik is a great meeting place and at the same time a parish church.

The renewal of the monastery begun on 1994, and what is really important to point out is that for a long time there is an idea of connecting monasteries of Ostrog and Zdrebaonik with a direct road, and those works have begun. Its termination is expected to happen soon. To the monastery Zdrebaonik you can come through Danilovgrad and then over the bridge on Zeta towards the village Sekulici and then you go towards the village Jelenak.