Moraca Monastery - Kolasin

Moraca monastery  Montenegro

Moraca Monastery - monastery in the valley of Moraca river

Moraca Monastery is a Ortodox Monastery located in the valley of the Moraca river near Kolasin. It was founded in 1252 by Stefan Vukanovic of the Nemanjic Dinasty. It is one of the best known medieval monuments of Montenegro. The assembly church is a big one-nave building in the Rascian style (The style spanned 1170-1300 and differs from the seaside churches), devoted to the Assumption of Mary, including a smaller church devoted to Saint Nicholas, as well as lodgings for travelers. The main door has a high wall which has two entrances, in the romantic style.
Beside the architecture, its frescoes are of special importance; the oldest fresco depicting eleven compositions from the life of the prophet Elias date to the 13th century, while the rest, of lesser condition, and date to the 16th century. The 13th-century fresco shows conservative traits, with late-Comnenian figure-schemes, with architectural motifs of heavy and solid blocks, similar in manner to the frescoes of Sopoćani (Serbia). Out of the later frescoes, Paradise and the Bosom of Abraham and Satan on the Two-Headed Beast are notable Last Judgement depictions, dated to 1577-8. The Ottoman Empire annexed the region in the first half of the 16th century, and the monastery was occupied and damaged, including most of the art.
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Moraca Monastery
Several antiques and relics such as hand of St. Haralampije, engraved crosses, baptistery made of marble and a rod, which according to a legend belonged to Sveti Sava.