Ostrog Monastery

Monastery Ostrog Montenegro

Ostrog monastery - important Montenegro pilgrimage

Ostrog monastery is the most important pilgrimage place in Montenegro. The Monastery was founded by Vasilije, the Metropolitan Bishop of Herzegovina in the 17th century. He died there in 1671 and some years later he was glorified. His body is enshrined in a reliquary kept in the cave church dedicated to the Presentation of the Mother of God to the Temple.

Saint Vasilije Ostroski (St Basil Ostrog) was born in Popovo Polje, Herzegovina in 1610 and became a monk at the Monastery of the Dormition Tvrdos, near Trebinje. St. Basil's modesty made him reluctant to take up high positions. How-ever, his piety, humility and dedication to the Orthodox Church made him well suited for the role and he was elected as Bishop of Zahumlje and Skanderija, which he reluctantly accepted in 1639. He retired from the position ten years later in 1649. After his death in 1671 he was buried at the Ostrog Monastery he had founded in Montenegro, and his tomb in a cave-church soon became a site of pilgrimage for Christians (both Orthodox and Roman Catholic) and Muslims drawn by reports of miracles occurring through the intercession of the saint.
The present-day look was given to the Monastery in 1923-1926, after a fire which had destroyed the major part of the complex. Fortunately, the two little cave-churches were spared and they are the key areas of the monument. The frescoes in the Church of the Presentation were created towards the end of the 17th century. The other church, dedicated to the Holy Cross, is placed within a cave on the upper level of the monastery and was painted by master Radul, who successfully coped with the natural shapes of the cave and laid the frescoes immediately on the surface of the rock and the south wall. Around the church are the monastic residences, which together with the church building and the scenery make this monument outstandingly beautiful.
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Aerial View of Monastery Ostrog
The Orthodox monastery of Ostrog is one of the most frequently visited on the Balkan. It is visited by believers from all parts of the world, either individually or in groups. It represents the meeting place of all confessions: the Orthodox, the Catholics and the Muslims. According to the stories of pilgrims, by praying by his body, many have been cured and helped in lessening the difficulties in their lives.