Mosques in Montenegro - Bar, Ulcinj, Podgorica, Plav & Pljevlje

Mosques Selimija Bar Montenegro
Mosque Selimija, Bar

Near Old town of Bar is open Islamic cultural center with a mosque Selimija, the largest building of its kind in Montenegro and one of the largest in the entire Balkans. The mosque…

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Mosques Omerbasic Bar Montenegro
Mosque Omerbasic, Bar

Mosque Omerbasica is located in the Old Town of Bar, which is 4 kilometers away from the New Bar. This religious building was built 1662nd year. Mosque Omerbašića has a simple…

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Mosques Sailor's Mosque Ulcinj Montenegro
Sailor's Mosque, Ulcinj

Sailor’s Mosque was first erected in the 14th century by the Moors (current inhabitants of Morocco and Algeria who converted to Islam by the end of the 7th century). It is assumed that…

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Mosques Hussein Pasa Pljevlja Montenegro
Hussein Pasa's Mosque, Pljevlja

Husein pasha’s mosque is located in the center of Pljevlja, a town in the north of Montenegro. Minaret of the mosque is 42 meters high, and the mosque was built at the end of of XVI century…

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Osmanagica Mosque Montenegro
Mosque Osmanagic, Podgorica

The Osmanagić Mosque and the Clock tower were built by Hadji Mehmed- pasha Osmanagić in the late 18th century. Both were built at the same time. The mosque was maintained by...

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Sultanija Mosque Montenegro
Mosque Sultanija, Plav

The Sultanija Mosque was built by Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1909 and it is probably one of the last large mosques which the Ottoman Empire built in the Balkans. It was being built...

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