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Among various beautiful nature parks in Montenegro, we can definitely say that the highest place belongs to 5 National parks. These are the real wonders of nature and places which should be considered as “Must do” in Montenegro. National parks in Montenegro are nature landscapes of outstanding beauty and a important and rare natural phenomena. The following 5 nature parks are ecological & geographical units protected by separate law. 5 distinct nature parks as reserves for conservation purposes of wild nature and unique natural beauties.

The nature territories of national parks Skadar Lake, Lovćen, Durmitor, Biogradska gora and Prokletije constitute almost 8% of the territory of Montenegro. Each nature park is characterised by specific natural and cultural heritage.

Skadar Lake – National Park

Nature Parks - Skadar Lake
Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake National Park is located on the border between Montenegro and Albania. Montenegro owns two-thirds of the lake while one third of the territory belongs to the Republic of Albania. The Montenegrin part of the lake has 40.000 hectares (98.842 acres) an was declared a national park in 1983. With an area of 370 to 540 km, depending on the water level it is the largest lake in the Balkans. Separated from the other nature parks as an area with distinct limnological characteristics, it’s known for exceptional richness of bird fauna. Additionally, ichthyo fauna and luxuriant swamp vegetation types. It is one of the most interesting biotope areas of the region.

The lake is a crypto-depression which means that some parts of its bottom are below sea level. Its coastline is jagged, with numerous bays, peninsulas and capes, mostly swampy, overgrown with reed. The flora is rich and varied. Thanks primarily to the preservation of the ecosystem and inaccessibility of some parts of the lake. Especially along its north swamp coast. The Skadar Lake is bird’s paradise for 264 bird species, many of which are in most of its range, thinning and vulnerable. In Europe, a rare species of pelican (Pelecanus crispus) has become the trademark of the Lake.

The extraordinary cultural heritage is the traditional construction. Old and deserted fishing village, located on the banks, where people used to live from fishing.

Lovcen – National Park

Nature Parks - Lovcen

Lovcen National Park is known for its natural, cultural and historical heritage. It is located at the junction of two climatic zones, the Mediterranean and continental, which resulted in the development of a rich flora and fauna with numerous endemic species. Among the 1.300 plant species, accounting for 1/3 of the total Montenegrin flora, many plants are endemic, rare, medicinal and aromatic.

The area of this nature park is also habitat for many animal species, with many endemic and relic forms. In addition to mammals (wolf, bear, wild boar, fox, deer, rabbit, hedgehog etc.), here are a number of other animal groups, about 200 species of birds, 11 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians, 85 species of butterflies, 100 ant species, 45 species of flower flies, 10 species of bark beetles and so on.

Cultural heritage represent memorial monuments, churches, traditional architecture in general. At the Lake’s Peak (1.657 m altitude) is an amazing mausoleum of Montenegrin ruler and poet P. II P. Njegoš. The Lovcen serpentine’s are part of the old caravan route from Kotor to Village Njegusi.

Durmitor – National Park

Nature Parks - Durmitor

Durmitor national park is a mountain range in Montenegro. The highest peak is Bobotov kuk 2,523 meters high. It is believed that the name comes from the Celtic language which means “mountain full of water”. The Landscapes of Durmitor nature park is surrounded by beauty and integrity of the rare authentic work of nature. It was declared a national park in 1952. Located in the northwest of Montenegro, the nature park includes the main massif range of Durmitor mountains with canyons of Tara, Draga and Susica and upper canyon valley Komarnica, covering an area of 39.000 ha (96.371 acres).

The extraordinary beauty of the Durmitor massif are special charms, home to 18 glacial lakes called “Mountain eyes“, because of their crystal clean waters, at altitudes above 1.500 m. The biggest and most attractive is the Black Lake, 2 km from the mountain town of Zabljak, the winter tourist centre of Montenegro.

Among the most beautiful ornaments of this nature park are clear, untouched rivers that gave this area many astonishing canyon valleys. Particularly impressive is the river Tara, the longest river in Montenegro. With the deepest canyon in Europe (1.300m), which makes this river one of the most beautiful in the world. Rafting on river Tara is a special experience with 2-hours adrenaline adventure. An experience you will be proud of and share with all your friends after returning home, showing off with amazing photos of the site.

Biogradska Gora – National Park

Nature Parks - Biogradska Gora
Biogradska Gora

Biogradska Gora National Park was established in 1952. Located in the north-eastern area of Montenegro between the rivers Tara and Lim in the middle of mountain Bjelasica. It covers an area of 5.650 hectares (13.961 acres). Bordered by mountain peaks, intersected by creeks and bays, decorated with beautiful lakes, ornate century-old forests and gentle meadows, is a magnificent gift of nature. Its protection dates back to 1878, when this territory became the Lord’s preserve, a tribute to the ruler of Montenegro, King Nikola.

The most significant natural value of this national park is the rain forest Biogradska gora, which covers an area of 1.600 hectares (3,954 acres) and is one of the last of three in Europe. It is strictly protected as a nature park reservoir.

Settled at the heart of the rain forest is the wonderful Biogradsko Lake, the largest and most famous in a series of glacial lakes in the area of the national park. The clear lake water reflects the beauty of ancient woodland giving it an amazing blue-green color. You will not regret if you visit this nature park, passing by the canyon of the River Moraca and visiting the Moraca Monastery, Canyon of the river Tara and bridge Djurdjevica Tara, with lunch in the national restaurant.

Prokletije – National Park

Nature Parks -

Some call them the Montenegrin AlpsProkletije National Park is the fifth and the youngest of these nature parks in Montenegro. It represents one of the most stunning mountain ranges in Montenegro. It belongs to the wreath Dinara Mountains. The mountain range spreads across the territory of three countries: Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. They are distinguished by jagged cliffs, inaccessible tops, deep hollows, steep vertical cliffs and many water springs untouched by human hands.

The name of the mountains origins from cruel and hard life conditions in this area, therefor called “The cursed Mountain” (Prokletije). This pearl of nature is characterised by numerous variety of flora and fauna, with many endemic species. Particular attention draws Karanfila massif, where at a distance of only 4 km are concentrated more than a dozen peaks higher than 2.000 meters. The highest peak of Prokletije has a height of 2.694 m. It is located in Albania but this tip is usually climbed from Montenegro, from the village Vusanje. This national park is still unexplored and represents one of the greatest secrets of Montenegrin nature.

Thanks to above natural values, these nature parks are not only of national interest but also of international significance.

National park Durmitor & Tara canyon are on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1980.
River Tara has the status of Biosphere Preserve (MAB) since 1977.
Skadar Lake National Park has the status of Significant ornithological areas (IBA) since 1989.
1995 Skadar Lake was inscribed on List of Wetlands of International Importance (RAMSAR).

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