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Montenegro - the Paths of History and Culture

Welcome to the Land of proud people and people of honor. Motherland of warriors, sailors and the best hosts. Welcome to the area that made them what they are.

Small in territory, but one of the richest in history and culture Montenegro has a huge capacity to satisfy even most demanding expectations. Even Montenegrins themselves are thrilled again and again with beauty, history and culture of their country. Our task is to make you familiar with some of the most significant and most popular historic-cultural and architectural moments and monuments of this amazing country which represents a real paradise for all culture lovers.

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Stone Art in Kotor

You can get to know about culture of our nation in many ways. Would that be trough admiring historic-cultural monuments preserved and kept from the time of Illyrians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Turks, pirates, Austro-Hungarians, Russians, French, Austrians... Each of them left unique trails that are preserved until today. Or walking through the narrow streets and small city squares of the Old town,where you will feel the spirits of ancient rulers and families that lived here once upon a time.

There are places that represent history itself. Like Cetinje our Old Royal Capital.

Small town where Montenegrin dynasties had its bases and where rulers and kings of Montenegro were born and grew up. Here, you can hear the story how Montenegrin lords struggled to defend their small country of many conquerors.

Specific national architecture - old rural units, individual examples of fishermen and residential buildings, stone bridges and mills on the river streams, are confirming the cultural landscape of special architectural value.

If you feel more familiar with idea to spend a day or couple of days in the old Montenegrin household, we can arrange it for you. In one of the cottages, on the mountain slopes or house in the village you will learn how to prepare homemade bread, cheese, sour milk or wine. You will prepare woods for the winter or participate work in the field. Or find out how the most delicious smoked ham or honey is made.

It is yours to imagine, we are here to make it happen and to make it unforgettable.

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