Best Religious Tours in Montenegro

Orsog Monastery Montenegro

Montenegro - a multicultural and multi-religious country

Montenegro has always been a multicultural and multi religious country. It has enormous religious heritage and some of the most significant religious and holy objects in Europe are located here. They have significance in beauty or stories, legends and secrets they keep beneath the ancient walls.

We are here to bring closer information to you, which will help in choosing the right religious experience.

One of the most intimate relations of human soul is with God. Whatever he may have the name or in whatever religion he was worship in.

To be just one step deeper and closer to that relation let us guide you to the places magical in their appearance, old monasteries, churches or mosques. One of them - Pilgrimage for Christians (both Ortodox and Roman Catholic) and Muslims-monastery Ostrog. Stories are told by miracles occurring trough the intercession of the saint, berried in this monastery, nested in the cliff. Saint have saved lives, he have cured many that is how is told but if your heart long on desire for a wish…come to another elfish place, where Our Lady of the Rock is worshiped. She will help your dream come true, like for many sailors she have helped come back home safe from the moody seas...

Our walk with Lord can sometimes be hard. Treasure with us people so humble in faith so well-minded in their intensions. They can teach you, guide and comfort you so you can find that compass to the joy and peace again.

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