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Once in awhile, love gives us a fairy tale.

These days, one in a four weddings is a destination wedding, giving couples - and their guests a reason to blend the joy of a marriage celebration with a fun and memorable vacation. Planning a suitable wedding destination for all your attendees is easier than you think! But how to make a right choice when in the world there is so many beautiful places??? How to be sure that on one place you will find everything you are looking for?! If you are searching for small paradise, place that has to be hidden from big popularity but also very rich in culture and history, with breathtaking sites… We have something for you!

Why Montenegro?

A still pretty unknown place often referred to as the 'Hidden Pearl of the Mediterranean'. Travelling around the world many places you will love but just on couple you will be back! The pearl of the Adriatic coast, one of the smallest countries in Europe has rich cultural and historic heritage, amazing sightseeing, delicious food... Huge selection of locations for your wedding in Montenegro; from medieval towns such as Kotor, Budva or Perast to ancient palaces, national parks to private gardens; not hard to create a wedding ceremony which is just right for you. Planning a wedding is a special time for any couple. We take the guesswork out of finding the perfect location with personalized destination wedding inspiration categories. The most attractive locations ideal for a variety of styles can be designed in our program. Discover destination wedding ideas, recommended destination wedding resorts and perfect locations!

If you have your own ideas and requirements feel free to share it with us!

Traditional wedding in front of the church montenegro

Traditional wedding

Traditional wedding program What is for the Greeks Olympus that is for Montenegrins Mountain Lovcen. Symbol of the freedom and national pride. If you are seeking for the place from where you will have feeling like you...

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Luxury wedding open wedding orchestra band montenegro

Luxurious Wedding

Luxurious wedding program on Saint Stephen island In a country famed for its beauty, the most iconic images associated with Montenegro are of the tiny islet named Saint Stephen. Attached to the coast by a narrow...

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sophisticated wedding ballroom montenegro

Sophisticated Wedding

Sophisticated wedding program in the Old town Kotor Situated in the shadows of the fearsome fortress San Giovanni, protected by the fortification masterpiece, the Old town of Kotor is the gem of Boka Bay and Montenegrin...

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romantic wedding seaside pier montenegro

Romantic Wedding

Romantic wedding program in baroque town The elegant atmosphere of town Perast with stunning ambient will make you in love with this place. Baroque style monuments, long quiet promenade and breathtaking views on islands...

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